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Car Escape Handle

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Grab one of these if you never want trouble getting out of a car again - whether you’re simply driving to the shops, OR at risk of being trapped in a life-threatening emergency!

1) MOBILITY GRIP: On a day-to-day basis for older people, or anyone experiencing mobility issues, the car escape handle offers a robust and convenient extra grip. Simply open the door and put the metal end of the handle into that loop of metal on your car’s doorframe - the ‘striker plate’ to which the door locks when shut - and you’re good to go.

2) EMERGENCY ESCAPE: At risk of being trapped in your car following a road accident? Hopefully it will never happen, but that’s when the car escape handle really comes into its own. A seatbelt cutter is embedded in the handle, and the metal end provides you with an instantly effective window breaker - enabling you to exit the car in seconds. 

SOBERING STATISTICS: If your accident involves water, speedy escape could be critical. About 400 people die in submerged vehicles in North America each year because they are unable to get out. Don’t be one of them. Having the means to immediately escape could save your life - and the lives of your family.

Oh and just for good measure, the car escape handle has two powerful LED lights built into it - so this can also double up as your car’s flashlight! Another incentive to keep it handy.

No car should really be without one of these, but until they day they come as standard, we’re happy to help. 

Size: 18 x 11 x 7cm

Battery: 2 x CR2032 are required for the flashlight


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